Do You Have What it Takes?

Owning a residential cleaning business may sound like an easy enough proposition. How hard could it be, right? Well, we believe that our franchisees must serve as true leaders of their business, build amazing cultures, sell aggressively, make great personnel decisions, create a lean operating environment and manage their business in an ethical manner. Owning a cleaning business is not easy, in other words. We award franchises based on a lengthy due diligence period that can last anywhere from 2-6 months. We want to talk with you, so let’s start with some basic questions regarding your qualification as a franchisee.

Who is the perfect franchise business owner?


Our best performing franchise owners exude positivity and are great problem solvers. Business ownership requires a franchisee to serve in a leadership role and we believe the best leaders are critical thinkers that are high on life.

Business Acumen

We prefer franchise candidates that have prior management experience with an emphasis on day to day supervision of blue-collar workers. This is not required but definitely preferred.


A franchisee will sign a 10-year contract after being awarded the rights to a territory. The legal contract is important, but our preference is for the personal relationship between us and the franchisee to serve an even greater importance. We strive to treat our franchisees like family and want franchisees to think of us in a similar manner.

Street Hustle

A great franchisee has an entrepreneurial mindset with a strong sense of long-term success. In other words, the best franchisee will do just about anything to grow her business. Whether it’s speaking to a group of people or scrubbing a floor, the perfect franchisee will use her passion to do whatever it takes to build an amazing business every single day.


We believe that every great business starts with a grand vision towards the future. We want our franchisees to know the purpose behind their business starting from day one. Quite frankly, you can’t know if you’re going in the right direction if you don’t know where you’re going in the first place. Thinking big and dreaming about the future is a requirement.


Every great entrepreneur built his business for a reason. A business does more than make money, it solves a life problem for the owner. We want Two Maids to solve a problem for our franchisees’ life.

Are you excited about using our systems for your business?

We have decades of experience in the residential cleaning industry and have developed systems and best practices that give us a serious advantage over our competitors. We know what’s going to happen during your first year of operations and also know what’s going to happen when you build a $1M business. Although you may be opening a business alone, you can trust that you’ll never be by yourself. We’ll always be there with virtual and even face to face support.

Do you believe that positive word of mouth is the most important metric within your business?

Our tagline says it best – Two Maids is a maid service worth talking about! Our brand relies heavily on customer feedback. In fact, your customer’s opinion will directly determine all of your employee’s compensation level. That’s a powerful statement which no other cleaning company can offer.

Of course, no other cleaning company offers this because most businesses don’t want their customers to have so much control. You must believe that your customer’s opinion is the most important thing in the world. We’ll provide you with easy ways to get all of your customers to talk about your business. But remember, customer opinion only works if you receive positive feedback so you must always be focused on providing a great customer experience.

Are you excited about using innovative and different sales & marketing strategies?

Professional, franchised brands started to enter the residential cleaning industry sometime in the mid 80’s. So nearly thirty years have passed since the first franchised cleaning brand entered the market. And guess what? Almost nothing has changed since that time. Cleaning companies still embrace older, more traditional advertising mediums. At Two Maids, your primary focus will be on digital marketing-based strategies such as pay per click, search engine optimization and social media. We prefer to focus our entire marketing efforts on more new-age media options due to the tremendous ROI associated with the lead generation strategies. We’re proud to be a hip brand in a mature industry and we only want to work with individuals that want to market their business using new-age marketing concepts.

Are you financially able to fund your business?

The typical investment for a Two Maids location ranges from as little as $83,140 to $123,890. A portion of the investment will be used as your initial fees owed to us, with another portion of the investment serving as working capital to fund your business during the first 12-15 months of operation. Our company offers in-house financing and is an approved franchise on the SBA Franchise Directory, conditions apply. Ask for details.

Are You Qualified?

Can you meet the minimum financial obligations?

Fico Score


Total Liquid Assets


Tangible Net Worth


Ready to Explore the Next Steps?

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