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Why Two Maids

Opening a cleaning business with Two Maids sets you up for success. Here’s why we stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Two Maids is changing the home cleaning game. Our unique business model and proven, documented systems keeps customers happy, ensures your employees make more money, and keeps you, as one of our franchise owners, growing.

  • We handle franchisees' digital marketing campaigns.
  • Immediate scheduling system books a cleaning within 60 seconds.
  • Recommened "Pay for Performance" selling tool determines employee wages.

I instantly fell in love with the PAY FOR PERFORMANCE plan due to my past experiences with other cleaning people and hired them.

Patti of Huntsville, AL

Disrupting the $40 Billion Home Cleaning Industry

Until Two Maids, everyone approached the home cleaning business the same way. Homeowners searched the web. They asked about pricing, services, availability, time, crew, and products. They got virtually the same offer from every cleaning company: a clean home. The lowest price got the business, and broken promises lost it.

Two Maids decided there was a better way. We realized that customers wanted more than a clean home. They wanted to trust that their cleaners would do a great job every time they showed up. So, we created our unique Pay for Performance compensation plan. A customer rates their satisfaction on a scale from 1-10. The higher the rating, the higher the cleaner’s compensation for the job.

Happy Employees. Happier Customers. More Repeat Business.

Our recommended Pay for Performance program ties employee success to customer satisfaction. The happier the customer, the more money a cleaner earns. The more a cleaner earns, the more they consistently deliver their best service. The result is an empowered workforce, a loyal customer base, and a very impressive bottom line driven by repeat business.

Own Your Nights and Weekends

Two Maids operates as a Monday-Friday business, no weekends, no holidays, and does not schedule evening shifts. With a Two Maids franchise, you’ll have nights and weekends to spend with your friends and family, doing the things you love to do. Two Maids also offers semi-absentee ownership opportunities from day one!

Benefit From Our Marketing Expertise

Getting in front of a qualified lead that is ready to make a buying decision is our main priority. Two Maid’s In-House Marketing Team runs our franchise owners’ digital local area marketing campaigns, and delivers a Playbook, resources, and support to set you up for success with your own local area marketing and networking initiatives.

Take Advantage of Our Immediate Scheduling System

Consumers hire maid services because their time is valuable. Many homeowners simply do not have the time for a phone call or in-home estimate to determine the cost of having their home professionally cleaned. We offer a scheduling system that allows customers to receive a quote immediately and book a cleaning within 60 seconds.

Enjoy Preferred Vendor Relationships

Many small businesses in the cleaning industry struggle to source high quality, cost-efficient products. We’ve literally cleaned more than one million homes since our humble beginnings in in 2003. The size of our franchise network, combined with our decades of experience, allows us to source the best products for the lowest price.

Ready to Explore the Next Steps?

Wherever you are in the discovery process, our Franchise Development Team is here to help.

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