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Two Maids Franchise Success Story

A Bold Vision and Hard-Working Values

In April of 2003, Ron Holt started the first Two Maids cleaning service in a 250-square-foot office in Pensacola, FL. Like a lot of Mom ’n Pop companies, Two Maids got off to a rocky start. In its first year it cleaned less than 100 homes. It took Ron 18 long months to make a profit and another two years to actually get a paycheck. As tough as times were, Ron was tougher. He had a bold, impossible vision for his new company: Two Maids would become the largest, fastest growing, most innovative residential cleaning company in America.

The Radical Idea that Disrupted a $40 Billion Industry

Two Maids experienced rapid growth and opened two more locations in 2005. To make sure all Two Maids stores produced uniform results, Ron developed a documented system that also improved efficiency and quality. To set himself apart from the competition, he created a unique “Pay for Performance” compensation model. This radical idea tied customer satisfaction to employee pay. Professional cleaners who earned high scores made more than those who didn’t. The result was low turnover, repeat business and a booming bottom line. By 2013, Two Maids was in five states, employed over 200 people, served 500 customers a day, and opened our first franchised office.

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Let Life Shine

Where We Are Today

In 2021, Home Franchise Concepts, one of the largest direct-to-consumer franchise companies in North America, acquired Two Maids, adding to its already robust system of home service franchise brands. Home Franchise Concepts is owned by JM Family Enterprises, Inc., a privately owned $20 billion company that offers stability, leadership, and business opportunities that can't be equaled by any other franchisor.

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From a 250-Square-Foot Office to a Nationwide Network

Two Maids started in 2003. Today, we have nearly 100 territories across the United States. We’re one of the fastest-growing residential cleaning services in the country. We believe this is partly because of our hardworking, heartfelt values:

  • No One Will Outwork Us We refuse to lose, refuse to accept failure, and refuse to accept the status quo in this industry. And we’re ok waiting on success. Patience is a virtue. Call it crazy. We call it fun.
  • Cleaning is our Passion You don’t open a cleaning business unless you love it. Whether we’re cleaning a dirty bathroom or testing a new system, we love what we do because we all believe our work has a purpose.
  • Debt is a Four-Letter Word We’re consistently ranked as one of the top low-priced franchise investments in the country. We stretch our capital and use it wisely. Our frugal attitude has safeguarded us against economic recessions, natural disasters and competitive threats.
  • We Learn & Earn Business Every Day Knowledge is power. Like a perpetual startup, we’re open to learning new things, testing new ideas and changing with the times. We keep learning because in the cleaning business, someone else is always chasing us. Which means we’re the leader of the pack.
  • An Honest-to-Goodness Family We’re a real team that believes that our work has purpose. No one takes their responsibilities lightly. We laugh together, cry together and sometimes scream together. Just like any family, we care about each other. If you follow our vision, have faith in our mission and believe in our future, you’ll feel right at home here.

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