Call Recordings

Noah Gross of Two Maids Spokane, WA 2-28-24 joined the franchise in July 2018. Noah was rewarded this year's IFA Franchisee of the Year! Prior to becoming his very own boss, he spent over a decade working as a club manager for 24 Hour Fitness.

Julian White of Tacoma, WA 2-14-24 has been in business since July of 2023. He's part of the dynamic mother-son duo who own and operate this location. Julian and his mother, Dana, have been thriving since becoming their own bosses. Prior, Julian was a professional soccer player and Dana worked in business management.

Brian Kroll of Two Maids Columbia, SC 1-10-24 began looking at franchises about early 2000 and finally narrowed down to Two Maids. Brian is a semi-absentee owner with a full-time manager in place and about 10 associates. Prior to Two Maids, he sold software solutions to hospitals and continues to do so!

Paul Ebert 12-20-23 Two Maids Brand President since June 2020. Paul has great insight on operations and addresses frequently asked questions for prospective franchisees.

Stephen Wacklawski Two Maids of Milwaukee, WI 11-29 joined Two Maids as a franchisee earlier this year. Although his business is still in the early stages, they're projected to reach expectations and have already grown to new heights. Stephen works around 20-30 hours per week so far and is happy to have extra time with his newly born son.

Tracy Shelnutt of Two Maids Birmingham, AL. 11-8-2023 was a manager for 11 years at this location before purchasing it from the owners. Now owns and operates the business with 16 associates and has never looked back!

Blue Akers of Peachtree City, GA 9-13 launched his franchise endeavors in 2017 with purchasing new territory. Over the next few years, Blue expanded with new territories as well as taking up resale opportunities. Now, with a total of 6 franchises, he has over 50 total associates with one retail location per market which help operate the business as he's semi-absentee.

Adam Gilmer of Richland Hills, TX 8-23-23 has been in business since 2022 after purchasing an existing location and left the small business industry behind. Now operating this business with the help of 20 associates and two store fronts.

Lee of Two Maids Virginia Beach & Chesapeak, VA 8-9-23 has been in business since April 2020 after purchasing a new territory which he later followed up with another territory later that year. Lee has a total of 25 associates that work 7 days a week and Lee averages about 25 hours per week.

Mark Heber(Owner-Operator), Two Maids of Ann Arbor & South Oakland, MI 5-24-23 has been in business since 2017 has been in business since 2020. Mark started with two new territories. Before joining Two Maids, Mark worked in the automotive industry for over 30+ years and his wife, Lynn, worked for over 25+ years in customer service.

Christa Mruz (Owner-Operator), Two Maids of White Plains and Stamford, NY and Paramus, NJ 4-19-23 has been in business since 2017. She started with 1 new territory in White Plains and then expanded in 2021 and again in 2023.

Chris Hoffer, Two Maids of Venice, FL 3-22-23 has been in business since November 2022 and started with 1 new territory. Before joining Two Maids, Chris ran his own window washing business and a photography business.

Nico Garcia (Owner-Operator) Manassas, VA March 8, 2023

Lee Sheridan (Semi-absentee) - Two Maids of Map of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA February 22, 2023

Crystal Scott (Owner-Operator) Winston-Salem and West Greensboro, NC February 9, 2023

Mari Millard (Semi-absentee) - Columbia, Rockville, North Prince George’s, MD; Washington, DC; Northern VA; Hilton Head, SC - January 25, 2023

Homero Guerra (Owner) – Spring and The Woodlands, TX; December 7, 2022

Christa Murz (Owner) – White Plains and Stamford, NY; November 16, 2022

Brian Stahl (Owner) - Durham, Mandeville, Panama City and Raleigh, FL; October 19, 2022

Ryan Myers (Semi-absentee) - Gilbert ,Mesa, Apache Junction, and Chandler AZ; October 5, 2022

Stephanie Mattos (Owner-operator) - Green Bay, WI; September 21, 2022

Noah Gross (Semi-absentee) - Spokane, WA and Green Bay, WI; September 7, 2022

Anthony Truong (Semi-absentee) - Orlando, Oviedo, and Winter Park, FL; August 3, 2022

Angela Spencer (Semi-absentee) - Round Rock, TX; July 20, 2022

Crystal Scott (Owner-operator) - West Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC; June 15, 2022

Blue Akers (Semi-absentee) - Dallas, TX; Auburn, AL; Augusta, GA; Peachtree City, GA; May 18, 2022

Lee Sheridan (Semi-absentee) - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA; April 27, 2022