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Operating Models

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Two Maids is an affordable franchise opportunity that combines a lean operating structure with a unique marketing process to generate healthy bottom line returns. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized us in 2020 as one of the Top 50 low-cost franchise opportunities in America. The expected cost to starting your own Two Maids franchise varies depending on which operating model you select, your desired territory and local economic conditions.

I wake up and actually enjoy going to work for the first time.

Brennan BittleAnaheim, CA


Franchise Ownership Model

Many franchisees prefer to be actively present in their business from day one. We call these franchisees owner-operators and they typically serve as the local business’ Office Manager. An Office Manager provides day to day management duties; including sales support, customer service, personnel management, quality control and cleaning crew logistical support. Our franchises are operated very lean so that operating margins can be high.

Almost all of our owner-operators have a desire to hire a dedicated Office Manager at some point during the life of the business. This could occur anytime from the early months to several years into the business. It’s truly a business decision that a franchisee can make whenever he/she feels the business is ready to move forward without the owner’s daily oversight.

Most owner-operators believe their primary mission is to learn the business inside out, create a long-lasting culture and to identify office management candidates to promote within the business. Once these objectives are fulfilled, many of our franchisees exit from the business’ day to day activities and begin managing the business as a semi-absentee franchise owner. Owner-operators should have an expectation to ever clean a home, however. This is a business opportunity, not a job.


Oversee everything without concern of mismanagement, fraud or poor direction
Craft a unique culture based on personal values
Make quick decisions due to your daily presence
You don't depend on anyone to help build the business
Learn the business inside and out from day one
Save significant money if you choose to withhold their own salary
Better relate to the business' employees due to the owner's daily presence


Franchise Ownership Model

About 40% of our current franchisees operate their business as a semi-absentee owner. Some started as an owner-operator while others chose to begin as a semi-absent owner from day one. Many of our semi-absentee owners work other full-time jobs, own other businesses or serve as stay-at-home parents for their family. Our home office is able to perform several tasks for a semi-absentee owner during the pre-open process until a dedicated Office Manager is hired for the business.

Once the business is open, a typical semi-absentee owner must invest anywhere from 10-30 hours per week to help manage the business. Much of this work will be performed after normal operating hours while some work will occur during normal daytime operating hours. Some flexibility is required for a semi-absentee owner to properly manage our franchise


Keep your current job while growing the franchise
Manage the business without being concerned about day to day stress
View the business from a different perspective
Use your time to build brand awareness throughout the community
Resolve customer service issues easier
Leverage your personal strengths to better lead the business
Transition without immediately reducing personal income from your career

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