The ‘Why’ Behind Our Vision

Our commitment to building a nationwide network serves as an inner scoreboard that allows us to solely focused on chasing the dream of building a residential cleaning empire. We’ve grown from a small mom & pop business inside a 250 square foot office space into one of the most recognized cleaning franchise brands in the country. Our journey is far from over, and the excitement we bring into the office everyday is something we never want to lose. That’s our why, because we get to have fun while also creating opportunities for thousands of people across the nation.

Our Core Values


We believe that debt is the worst four-letter word in the dictionary. Our founder funded the original store with $150,000 and we’ve used that capital to become one of the fastest growing residential cleaning services in the country. We don’t make illogical decision with our capital and we assume that tomorrow will always present us with a difficult challenge. This attitude has safeguarded us against economic recessions, natural disasters and competitive threats. We’re frugal, and proud of it.


We love what we do, plain and simple. Whether we’re cleaning a dirty toilet or testing a new system, we love what we do because we all believe that our work has a purpose. We’re building a nationwide brand one market at a time, and it’s crazy fun. Passion is easy when every day is a blast.


A franchisee will sign a 10-year contract after being We believe that copying the success of others is ok, and it’s worked for us. Knowledge is power and allows for our brand to be serve in a perpetual startup mode. We’re always learning new things, always testing new ideas and always open to change. Change occurs frequently in our business, and we’re ok with that because change is the primary reason for all of our success. We keep learning because someone else is always chasing us. We may as well chase them.


It took our founder seven years to save enough money to open the original location. It took him another 2.5 years to earn enough profit to pay himself a paycheck. Patience is a virtue, and we’re ok waiting on success. We’re ok waiting because we believe in our future. Life is fun when you know exactly where you’re headed.


We embrace the role of being the perpetual underdog. No one is going to outwork us, mainly because no one enjoys doing what we do more than us. We refuse to lose, refuse to accept failure, refuse to even accept logic because nothing can deter us from building a nationwide network of residential cleaning services. We outwork everyone, every single day.


We’re a family. We laugh together, cry together and sometimes scream together. We’re a family, and you better want to act like us if you join the family. We accept anyone that believes in our vision, anyone that has faith in our mission. We love one another, even though we’re all different. We love another so much because our work has purpose. We’re all part of a team, and no one takes their responsibilities lightly. Everyone on our team must believe in our future, or there’s no place in our home.

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