How We Use Systems

Two Maids opened its original location in 2003. Our first location served as a master incubator so that we could test and implement systems that would eventually be scaled in a big way. At the time, we had no vision of actually franchising the rights to our trademark or business concept. Explosive growth occurred once additional corporate locations were opened across the east coast. Our customers had spoken, and the message was clear. The business model was working and our growth prospects were only limited by the number of our locations!

The Best in the Industry

Even better, our model worked to near perfection when we combined our detailed systems with a motivated office manager. After opening our 12th corporate location, we made a strategic decision to begin franchising our concept so that the entire country could utilize the business model. We promptly spent the next several months documenting every system and task that had been practiced over the previous decade of operating corporate locations. The result: the most comprehensive operations manual in the cleaning industry!

Systems allow business owners to run their businesses rather than the business run them. This is not a novel concept. In fact, Michael Gerber authored the famous E-Myth book more than 30 years ago and detailed how most failed businesses do not fail because of poor products or poor services. The truth is that most failing businesses flop simply because proper systems aren’t in place to allow the business owner to step away from the inner workings of the business. Documented systems are the common thread between all successful and profitable businesses.

The Two Maids Operations & Best Practices Manual

Proven, documented systems are the bedrock for any successful business. As a franchisee, you’ll have the best of both worlds as you live the life of an entrepreneur while utilizing a proven system for success.

We’ve interviewed a large number of current franchisees within the consumer service sector and discovered that many of them consider their operations manual to be nothing more than another book for their library. Two Maids considers our operations and best practices manual to be a valuable tool that will automate most functions within the business. Our operations and best practices manuals contain 400+ pages of detailed tasks that provide vital solutions for a franchisee; including:

Step by step procedures for every task associated with running your business

Scripts for every possible sales or customer service conversation

Templates for every possible customer interation

Essential forms for all personnel decisions

Instructions for using our proprietary software product

Advice on employee compensation and benefits

Precautions and warnings that will save you time and money

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